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URL Shorteners’ are services that help to convert longer URLs into manageable links that can still direct to the required page. A long URL can be prone to mistyping or errors especially when you need to frequently enter an URL into e-mail messages or read it over the phone. By using an URL shortener service like, you can create a shorter URL that is easier to share and remember. This way, users who enter the short URL are automatically redirected to the web page with the full address.

Our URL Shortener and link management platform, can make a real difference in your marketing efforts. Here are some top reasons as to why our URL Shortener service is beneficial.

Helps Engage Users

Shortened links are aesthetically pleasing than their longer counterparts and are more likely to grab the attention of users.

Able to Track and Compile Click/Link (URL) Data

The service allows you to track specific user behavior or referral information for the page you’re linking to as it creates an analytics page for each URL showing information like top referrers, reader location, actual clicks by year, month, week, day, or even the hour visited, etc.

Makes Links (URLs) More Manageable for Sharing

With, you can create shorter URLs that will not break in email postings. You will have cleaner and compact URLs for use in Twitter, email, blogs, text messages, and any other digital platform where a long URL is unmanageable.

Helps to Hide Real Links (URLs)

URL Shorteners can be used to disguise the actual website address from viewers publicly as the user will see the real link only after clicking on the short URL.

Tracks Email Marketing Campaigns With Stats in All Links (URLs)

A business can monitor the performance of its link and decide whether to adjust its strategies accordingly.

Ability to Customize Shortened URLs (Links)

(Our URL shortening service allows individuals to create their custom short domain name as long as the provided alphanumeric combination has never been used before.

Shortened URLs are the way to go. If you are not already using them, it’s definitely time to give them a try. Use, an excellent URL Shortener and link management platform to manage and track your campaigns today.

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